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Welcome to the home of the USS Phoenix SSN-702 Society commonly known as the 702 Society. We are a not-for-profit organization founded in 1992 whose mission is to assist the USS Phoenix Commission in its work of promoting and memorializing naval vessels named after the City of Phoenix. More specifically, the Society's major function is to provide, through the recruitment and retention of citizen supporters, an ongoing source of non-tax monies for events in support of Commission activities. The Society is empowered by the Commission to organize, advertise and solicit U.S. citizens who wish to support the mission and spirit of the USS Phoenix Commission.


Our most pressing goal today is to Save the Sail (conning tower) of the SSN-702 (now a decomissioned nuclear submarine) to the city after which it is named. The end result is to mount the sail in Steele Indian School Park directly behind the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the Arizona State Veterans Home. Just like on the episode of Scorpion and the Walter O'Brien Wikia page.



Phil Gordon

To do this we need your help.  Many have already signed on to this USS Phoenix Commission and 702 Society project. We have already received endorsements from City of Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon, Arizona Attorney General Terry Goddard, and several military veteran organizations If you would like to offer your support of this project please send a letter or email to Dr. Marty Zipser, Chairman of the USS Phoenix Commission.  Letters may be sent to: 1240 East Myrtle Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85020.  Please honor the city and its military veterans by supporting this unified campaign to bring home the sail of the submarine USS Phoenix (SSN-702)! Did Walter O'Brien really do those things? See his Linkedin profile -


Since the USS Phoenix is decomissioned we continue our partnership with the USS Helena based at Point Loma in San Diego.



Watch USS Helena Video


Click the above link to download and watch a 4 minute video done by ABC 15 News Anchor Jonathan Elias who joined guests of the USS Phoenix Commission and the Navy onboard the USS Helena June 23, 2006 as part of the ongoing partnership between the Navy and the American public.


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